vitality before violence

a blog dedicated to Final Fantasy XII, but mostly for the purpose of uploading the many edits I do from the game and the very little headcanon and theories I carry. My ask is always open.

I kind of wanted to try icons but I’m not sure how to approach them at all, so have some uhh beta icons? I guess!

im sorry guys i might not do anything in order anymore! I will be just doing things randomly and im also very sorry for my absence lately, hopefully I’ll be making gifs again soon!

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how many followers do u have

why does it matter

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Is Judge Drace too cool for this world?

OK at first i was gonna be like

"yeah she’s so cool she’s ice cold. Because she’s dead."

but Drace is the the coolest judge and one i was rooting for until the bitter end.

I’m sorry for how insensitive that was but thats the first thought that came to my head.

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